Argentium Silver Wedding Rings

February 03, 2014

We are very pleased to announce that we are now selling a range of wedding bands which are made from Argentium Silver. As this is a relatively new metal i will tell you a little more about it.


Argentium Britannia sets a new purity standard for silver. It is 96% pure silver.

Natural Beauty and Brightness:

Argentium silver is not plated and is the natural colour of pure silver. It's unique formulation enhances the appearance of silver jewellery and outshines all other white metals used in today's precious jewellery. It is famous for it's natural brightness, high white colour and also it's beautiful natural lustre.

Highly Tarnish Resistant:

Argentium silver alloys are required to pass critical tarnish tests. It is a low maintenance metal which is easy to care for and simple to keep clean. Argentium silver can proudly say it is the most tarnish resistant silver available today.


Argentium silver is also only made from recycled silver which also makes it great for the enviroment. it is also guaranteed to be nickel-free.


Argentium silver is also hardened by the heating processes which increases it's durability and makes it more resistant to damage from scratches. It is both harder and stronger than normal Britannia silver.


Look out for the SD and 958 hallmarks which combined with the Argentium Flying Unicorn guarantee the quality in manufacture and authenticity of Argentium Britannia grade silver.

Why is Argentium the finest silver?:

Argentiums unique patented formulation incorporates germanium - this imparts a wide range of superior attributes. You can find our more about Argentium silver on their website

Our range of wedding bands will be loaded during the coming weeks on our website under the wedding rings heading. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you require anymore information.



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